Wayanad Tourist Places

Wayanad Tourist Places

Nestled in the verdant Western Ghats of Kerala, Wayanad beckons travelers with its lush landscapes, rich biodiversity, and a tapestry of cultural and historical attractions. Renowned for its tea plantations, mist-covered hills, and serene lakes, Wayanad is a haven for nature lovers and those seeking a tranquil escape. Let’s embark on a journey through some of the captivating tourist places that make Wayanad a truly enchanting destination.

  1. Edakkal Caves:
    • Perched on Ambukuthi Hills, Edakkal Caves are a fascinating archaeological wonder. The caves boast ancient petroglyphs and carvings, providing a glimpse into prehistoric human civilization. The trek to the caves is an adventure itself, rewarded with panoramic views of the surrounding hills.
  2. Chembra Peak:
    • Rising majestically as the highest peak in Wayanad, Chembra offers an exhilarating trek through tea estates and dense forests. The trek culminates in a heart-shaped lake, offering a stunning panorama of the Western Ghats. It’s a must-visit for adventure enthusiasts and nature photographers.
  3. Banasura Sagar Dam:
    • A marvel of engineering, Banasura Sagar Dam is the largest earthen dam in India. Set against a backdrop of lush hills, the dam provides opportunities for boating amidst breathtaking scenery. The Banasura Hills nearby offer panoramic views and trekking trails.
  4. Soochipara Waterfalls:
    • Also known as Sentinel Rock Waterfalls, Soochipara is a three-tiered cascade surrounded by dense forests. Accessible after a scenic trek, the falls offer a refreshing escape. The natural pool at the base is perfect for a rejuvenating dip.
  5. Pookode Lake:
    • Nestled amid emerald greenery, Pookode Lake is a serene freshwater lake surrounded by evergreen forests. Boating on the lake is a popular activity, providing a tranquil experience. The lake’s surroundings are a paradise for bird watchers, adding to the charm.
  6. Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary:
    • Covering a vast expanse of the Western Ghats, the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is a biodiverse haven. Jeep safaris and trekking expeditions offer a chance to spot elephants, tigers, and various bird species. The sanctuary is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts and nature photographers.
  7. Thirunelli Temple:
    • Perched amidst the Brahmagiri Hills, Thirunelli Temple is a sacred pilgrimage site dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The temple’s ancient architecture and the nearby Papanasini River contribute to the spiritual aura of the place.
  8. Meenmutty Waterfalls:
    • Cascading down a height of 300 meters, Meenmutty Waterfalls is a spectacular natural marvel. Accessible through a challenging trek, the falls are surrounded by lush greenery and offer a serene escape into the heart of nature.


Wayanad, with its diverse attractions, promises a memorable experience for every traveler. Whether you seek adventure, cultural exploration, or a peaceful retreat, Wayanad’s tourist places showcase the region’s unique charm. Plan your visit to this paradise in Kerala and immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of Wayanad.

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