Tourist Places to Visit Near Omkareshwar Within 100 Km

Tourist Places to Visit Near Omkareshwar Within 100 Km

Omkareshwar, a sacred town perched on the banks of the Narmada River, not only captivates pilgrims but also beckons travelers to explore the wonders that lie within a 100 km radius. Beyond the spiritual ambiance of Omkareshwar, this article unveils a tapestry of enchanting destinations – from historic forts and ancient caves to serene lakes and cultural treasures – offering a diverse range of experiences for those seeking a deeper connection with central India’s rich heritage.

  1. Maheshwar (47 km): A short drive of approximately 47 km from Omkareshwar brings you to the historic town of Maheshwar. Famous for its riverside ghats, temples, and the imposing Maheshwar Fort, this destination exudes architectural splendor and cultural richness. Take a stroll along the ghats or explore the intricate carvings at Ahilya Bai’s palace for a trip back in time.
  2. Mandu (79 km): Embark on a journey to Mandu, an ancient fort city situated about 79 km from Omkareshwar. Steeped in history, Mandu boasts architectural marvels like the Jahaz Mahal, Hindola Mahal, and Baz Bahadur’s Palace. The romantic tales associated with Mandu add a touch of mystique to the visit.
  3. Ujjain (133 km): While slightly beyond the 100 km mark, Ujjain is a cultural and spiritual hub worthy of exploration. Home to the Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga and the sacred Kumbh Mela, Ujjain offers a unique blend of religious fervor and historical significance.
  4. Hanumantiya Island (99 km): Located at a distance of approximately 99 km from Omkareshwar, Hanumantiya Island is situated on the backwaters of the Indira Sagar Dam. Offering water sports, boating, and camping facilities, this island is an ideal spot for adventure enthusiasts seeking a day of excitement.
  5. Dhar (72 km): Dhar, a historical town approximately 72 km away, was once the capital of the Malwa region. Explore the Dhar Fort, built by Muhammad bin Tughlaq, and visit the ancient Kharbuja Mahal for a glimpse into the town’s royal past.
  6. Bamniya Kund (69 km): For those seeking a serene escape, Bamniya Kund, located about 69 km from Omkareshwar, is a tranquil spot surrounded by nature. The clear waters of the kund, along with the lush greenery, create an ideal setting for relaxation and picnics.
  7. Mandleshwar (17 km): A short drive of just 17 km leads to Mandleshwar, known for the revered Mandleshwar Mahadev Temple. The temple’s serene surroundings, coupled with the confluence of the Narmada and Chakratirth rivers, make it an ideal spot for spiritual contemplation and relaxation.


As you venture within a 100 km radius of Omkareshwar, the charm of central India’s cultural and natural wonders unfolds. Whether you’re exploring ancient forts, wandering through historic towns, or seeking serenity on the banks of rivers and lakes, these destinations promise a diverse and enriching journey. As you immerse yourself in the history, spirituality, and natural beauty of these tourist havens, you’ll discover that Omkareshwar’s allure extends well beyond its sacred shores, inviting you to explore the hidden gems of Madhya Pradesh.

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