Tourist Places Near Ranchi Within 50 Kms

Tourist Places Near Ranchi Within 50 Kms

Ranchi, the capital city of Jharkhand, is surrounded by natural beauty, cultural richness, and historical significance. Within a 50 km radius of this vibrant city, travelers can explore a myriad of tourist destinations that offer a delightful blend of tranquility and exploration. From scenic waterfalls and ancient temples to serene lakes and wildlife sanctuaries, the areas surrounding Ranchi beckon with opportunities for a rejuvenating day trip. Let’s embark on a journey to discover the enchanting treasures near Ranchi within a comfortable drive of 50 km.

  1. Hundru Falls (21 km): Just 21 km from Ranchi, Hundru Falls stands as one of the most picturesque waterfalls in the region. The Subarnarekha River cascades down rocky terrain, creating a breathtaking spectacle. The lush green surroundings and the natural beauty make Hundru Falls an ideal spot for a day picnic.
  2. Jonha Falls (40 km): Approximately 40 km from Ranchi, Jonha Falls, also known as Gautamdhara, is another captivating waterfall in the area. Surrounded by dense forests, the falls provide a serene ambiance, and the nearby Tagore Hill adds to the scenic charm.
  3. Panch Gagh Falls (41 km): Situated around 41 km from Ranchi, Panch Gagh Falls is a hidden gem with five streams converging into a single pool. The falls, set amidst verdant landscapes, offer a tranquil setting for nature lovers and picnickers.
  4. Rock Garden (3 km): Located just 3 km from Ranchi, the Rock Garden is a man-made marvel featuring sculptures and art installations crafted from industrial and domestic waste. The garden provides a unique and artistic environment for visitors to explore.
  5. Jagannath Temple (9 km): A short drive of 9 km takes you to the Jagannath Temple, a sacred Hindu shrine dedicated to Lord Jagannath. The temple’s architecture and spiritual significance make it a revered destination for devotees and visitors seeking a cultural experience.
  6. Nakshatra Van (5 km): Within 5 km of Ranchi, Nakshatra Van is a celestial-themed park featuring 27 trees, each representing a specific star. The park is a serene space for nature walks and relaxation, providing an ideal setting for a peaceful day out.
  7. Dassam Falls (40 km): Located approximately 40 km from Ranchi, Dassam Falls is another natural wonder in the region. The Kachni River plunges down from a height, creating a scenic cascade amidst lush greenery. The falls offer a refreshing escape for nature enthusiasts.
  8. Machhli Ghar (10 km): Just 10 km from Ranchi, Machhli Ghar, or the Fish House, is an aquarium showcasing a variety of freshwater and marine species. The facility provides an educational and entertaining experience, making it a suitable destination for families.


These tourist destinations within a 50 km radius of Ranchi offer a diverse range of experiences, from the tranquility of waterfalls to the cultural richness of temples and artistic landscapes. Whether you’re exploring the natural beauty of Hundru Falls, marveling at the artistry of Rock Garden, or seeking spiritual solace at Jagannath Temple, the vicinity of Ranchi beckons with a tapestry of wonders. As you venture beyond the city limits, you’ll discover a region rich in natural beauty and cultural charm, inviting you to explore the diverse landscapes and hidden gems that lie within a short drive from Ranchi.

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