Tourist Places Near Karur

Tourist Places Near Karur

Karur, a town nestled in the heart of Tamil Nadu, is not just a textile hub but also a treasure trove of cultural and historical richness. As you explore this charming town, don’t miss the opportunity to venture beyond its borders and discover the enchanting tourist places within a short distance. Within a radius of 20 kilometers, a tapestry of natural beauty, historical sites, and religious sanctuaries await your exploration.

  1. Kalyana Venkataramana Perumal Temple, Thanthoni (6 km): A short drive from Karur brings you to Thanthoni, home to the Kalyana Venkataramana Perumal Temple. This ancient temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu boasts intricate architecture and a serene atmosphere, making it a perfect spot for spiritual seekers.
  2. Pasupathipalayam (10 km): Just 10 kilometers away, Pasupathipalayam offers a tranquil retreat with its lush green landscapes and the gentle flow of the Amaravathi River. Nature enthusiasts and those seeking a peaceful escape will find solace in the beauty of this village.
  3. Mayanur Kamarajar Dam (15 km): A short distance from Karur, the Mayanur Kamarajar Dam is a picturesque reservoir surrounded by hills. Boating on the dam and enjoying the scenic views make for a perfect day out. The serene ambiance provides an ideal setting for picnics and relaxation.
  4. Vangal (15 km): Venture to Vangal, a village with historical significance. The Vangal Ranganatha Swamy Temple, adorned with ancient inscriptions and architectural marvels, invites history enthusiasts and devotees to explore its cultural heritage.
  5. Vasavi Kanyakaparameshwari Temple, Karur (In Town): While staying in Karur, don’t miss the Vasavi Kanyakaparameshwari Temple, located in the heart of the town. This revered temple dedicated to Goddess Vasavi is a hub of religious and cultural activities. The annual Rathotsavam (chariot festival) is a vibrant celebration that attracts both locals and tourists.


Karur, with its rich tapestry of history and culture, extends its charm to the neighboring areas within a 20-kilometer radius. From ancient temples to serene dams, each place offers a unique experience. Whether you’re seeking spiritual solace, exploring historical marvels, or simply enjoying the beauty of nature, the tourist places near Karur promise a delightful journey. So, pack your bags, set out on this exploration, and let the hidden gems surrounding Karur weave a story of their own.

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