Tourist Places Near Hosur Within 50 Kms

Tourist Places Near Hosur Within 50 Kms

Nestled in the southern part of Karnataka, Hosur is a town that offers a serene escape for travelers seeking a blend of natural beauty and cultural richness. Within a 50 km radius of Hosur, there lies a tapestry of tourist destinations that promise a delightful experience, ranging from historic temples and scenic hills to tranquil lakes and picturesque gardens. Let’s embark on a journey to discover the enchanting treasures near Hosur within this short radius.

  1. Rayakottah (15 km): A short drive from Hosur takes you to Rayakottah, a historic hill fortress with a rich past. The fortress provides panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes, making it a popular spot for history enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.
  2. Kelavarapalli Reservoir (10 km): Located just 10 km from Hosur, Kelavarapalli Reservoir is a serene lake surrounded by hills and lush greenery. The reservoir offers a peaceful ambiance, ideal for a relaxed day out with options for boating and picnicking.
  3. Chandra Choodeswarar Temple, Hosur (4 km): Within the town itself, the Chandra Choodeswarar Temple is a prominent religious site dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple’s intricate architecture and spiritual atmosphere make it a significant destination for devotees.
  4. Krishnagiri Dam (26 km): A short drive of 26 km from Hosur leads to the Krishnagiri Dam, an artificial reservoir surrounded by hills. The dam’s surroundings provide a tranquil setting for picnics, and visitors can enjoy the scenic beauty while boating on the reservoir.
  5. Kelevarapalli Dam (11 km): Adding to the list of dams near Hosur, Kelevarapalli Dam is situated approximately 11 km away. The dam offers a serene environment, and the adjacent park provides a perfect spot for a leisurely day out with family.
  6. Denkanikottai (20 km): A quaint town located around 20 km from Hosur, Denkanikottai boasts a charming landscape and a serene ambiance. The town is surrounded by hills, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a peaceful retreat.
  7. Dharmapuri (48 km): Just within the 50 km radius, Dharmapuri is known for the Hogenakkal Falls, often referred to as the “Niagara of India.” The falls, situated on the Cauvery River, provide a breathtaking spectacle, and boat rides offer a closer look at the cascading waters.
  8. Sri Chowdeshwari Temple, Bagalur (15 km): Bagalur, located 15 km from Hosur, is home to the Sri Chowdeshwari Temple. The temple, dedicated to the goddess Chowdeshwari, attracts devotees and visitors seeking a spiritual experience.


These tourist destinations within a 50 km radius of Hosur showcase the region’s diverse offerings, from historical forts and religious sites to serene lakes and picturesque landscapes. Whether you’re exploring the historic Rayakottah fortress, enjoying the tranquility of Krishnagiri Dam, or seeking spiritual solace at the Chandra Choodeswarar Temple, the vicinity of Hosur promises a delightful journey for all types of travelers. As you venture into this region, you’ll discover a perfect blend of cultural heritage and natural beauty that adds to the allure of Hosur as a destination worth exploring.

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